Build the balance through mindful productivity

The ultimate productivity solution for busy professionals and teams.

Get Started
Finish the day with a peaceful mind

Your productivity guide
to wrap up the day

You'll never have to worry about forgetting what happened
the day before, or what your next steps are.

Dump the thoughts

What do you have in mind?
Write all your todos. Free your mind.

Which todos are not a priority
for today?
Drag and drop todos to Inbox.

Plan wisely

How much time do you have?
Check how much time you have for focused work except meetings.

Which todos will take how much of your time?
Schedule your todos with the calendar.

Reflect the progress

What have you accomplished today?
Check all the finished work.

What did you do yesterday?
Have a look at what was accomplished.
Move the unfinished todos to tomorrow or inbox.

Everything you need for deep work

Solve the focus puzzle




Stay connected with your team

Be aware of what you are,
a harmonious team

Say goodbye to the need for constantly check in with your teammates to find out who's available, which tasks they're working on, and how they're feeling by providing them a personal space.

Sync with the team

What are your teammates
working on?
Is your teammate available?
Who has a meeting with whom?
Are they on-site or home?
Who is off today?

Give your team the space they need

Work and life together.
Your personal todos as private.
Work todos as public to let your team know what you are up to.

Bond with the team

How is their mood today?
What are they listening?
When are their birthdays?

Reflect and find the balance

Actionable insights

For yourself

For your team


Achieving balance, one day at a time

for starters
Unlimited todos and tags
Time tracking & focus mode
Calendar 1-way
Reflect to yesterday
for power users
Personal analytics
Calendar 2-way sync
Unlimited history
for teams, per user
Team analytics
Team feed
Share availability

Today, mindfully managed.

Start today. Manage the present mindfully for a balanced future.

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