Simple work management at your fingertips.

Discover the hottest work management tool in the market: seamless time tracking, efficient budget monitoring, effective management.

Track your time and manage your work day. You will be surprised by the results.

Start the timer and see which tasks are taking up too much time. 
Enter time entries manually and use tables for time blocking.
Select the weekly view for bulk time entries.

Track your productivity weekly to see what’s overworking you.

Get a holistic perspective on which tasks are consuming undue time and enhance your productivity.
Track your time distribution across different days, and redistribute in line with your capacity.

Manage your team like a superhero.

Track and access your team’s time charts and enhance their productivity.
See if your team is dedicating the right time to the right tasks. Have you seen? Pilar has overworked this week.

Budget management made easy.

Keep track of the profits and losses you obtained from each client and project.
Create an unlimited number of projects and archive the completed ones.
Oops you have exceeded your budget in the Brewery Project!

See the whole picture.

Monitor your tasks, who's working on what, and how much the hourly rates are.
Designate custom time intervals, and receive weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports.
Export reports to your device with one click and use it as an invoice.
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