Got hourly workers? BeforeSunset is just what you need!

Companies with hourly employees can use BeforeSunset for
seamless work & team management. 
Satisfied employees, healthier projects, happy clients! 

Track your team's time and see what's overworking them.

Track teammates’ feeds to see who’s working on which tasks this week.
Uh oh! Pilar has been spending too much time working on the Project BeforeSunset. Let’s rearrange her tasks in line with her capacity.

Track the health of your projects weekly.

See how many hours your team spends on billable tasks each week.
Track who works on which task under specific projects.

Create extensive reports for your clients.

Create detailed reports for yourself and your clients to be transparent and build strong relationships.
Edit your employees' time entries on reports to save time.
Export reports to invoice your clients.

Flexible billable rates to adjust for external factors like inflation.

Select an hourly rate per project, person, or task to view your projected income.
Change your billable rates according to your needs.

Multiple currencies for your international clients.

Designate your currency based on what you agreed on with your clients. 
Set the currencies of your clients so that your projects' currencies are determined beforehand.
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