Wondering what's behind the genius of BeforeSunset ?

Put simply: a desperate need to optimize our internal time tracking. As a seasoned team of software engineers working at BREW, we yearned for efficiency, productivity, and of course the ability to finish our work at a reasonable hour.

We surveyed the ecosystem for a solution: a work management tool that was lean, yet resourceful. After experimenting with countless products and platforms, we were astounded at the lack of simplicity and effectiveness in the market. Thus, we took matters into our own hands, setting out to build... you guessed it, BeforeSunset.

BeforeSunset is a full fledged operation, with our team of 14 people working diligently across the globe to serve you the best work management software in the market.

A Dynamic Team with Insider Knowledge

We had insider knowledge of the needs and requirements within the landscape. What was next? Taking the leap of course! A small team within BREW started building a software that would be accessible for everyone, easy-to use, providing actionable insights for the absolute optimization of productivity.

With the entire BREW Team's support growing daily, the side project became THE project. Now, BeforeSunset is a full-fledged operation, with our team working diligently across the globe to serve you work management software in the market.

Meet the Team!

Get to know the passionate team.

Elif Duran
Co-founder / CEO
Ceylan Ersoy
Batuhan Ulaşan
Alara Akçasız
Growth&Marketing Manager
Deniz Ay
Frontend Developer
Ömer Buğra Öz
Frontend Developer
Türkan Demirci
Software Developer
Pınar Engür
Product Designer
Gizem Nur Keskin
Growth&Marketing Specialist
Zekiye Nur Kesici
Growth&Marketing Specialist
Ezgi Aydın
Growth&Marketing Specialist
Buse Başar
Content Creator
Ezgi Yeğinaltay
Growth&Marketing Specialist
Ayşegül Çorok
Lead Visual Designer
Merve Tarayıcı
Visual Designer
Yegah Suseven
Creative Intern
Ezgi İnan
Creative Intern

Meet the Board Members!

Get to know the co-founders of BREW and advisors of BeforeSunset.

Begüm Atılgan
Board Member - Marketing
Gökçen Öğütçü
Board Member - Product