Boost your team's productivity.

TEAMZ streamlines daily planning, calendar coordination, and team collaboration which fosters personal productivity for collective success.

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Daily Planning
Team Collaboration
Team Analytics

First, plan your day.

1. Create tasks
Easily plan and prioritize tasks.

2. Start the timer
Set a realistic end time for your workday.

3. Sync your calendar
Stick to your daily schedule.

Create a productive work environment.

Choose a daily mood
Select mood to create a more positive work environment.

See how tasks affect the team
See how your team feels about each task, and pinpoint where they may be struggling.

See detail about the team
Get to know your team closely and establish a friendly work environment.

Invite Your Team

Strengthen communication within the team.

Stay connected with timeline
Stay informed with real-time updates without additional messages.

See the team's status
See who's available or in a meeting. Reach out to your teammates without hesitation.

Use whiteboard
Make teamwork by discussing and brainstorming ideas in detail.

Invite Your Team

Analyse your team's progress easily.

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  • Daily planning
  • Calendar integration
  • Time tracking


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  • Everything in startup
  • AI personalization
  • Whiteboard
  • AI analytics