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Transform your workday from chaos to clarity.

The AI daily planner that plans your day based on your schedule and to-do list.

No more drowning in your to-do list.

When you don't know where to start or how to start,
let AI do the planning for you!

Do you struggle with,

• missed deadlines
• unfinished tasks
• a general feeling of unproductivity ?

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There is more! Your AI assistant will save you time.

Make Tasks Actionable
Create Subtasks
Suggest Team Meeting Time
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Plan Your Week with AI
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📈 Be a better planner with analytics

Personal Analytics
Finetune your schedule with your daily and weekly analytics so you can be the best planner for yourself by reflecting on your week and day.
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And More from BeforeSunset

Time Tracking

Observe the actual and planned time ratio to understand where you spend your time.

Note Taking

Save your time while switching the other apps to take notes.


Break down big tasks into smaller chunks to work more effectively.


See your task history and answer yourself what you did last 30 days.


Set your goals by tags and see how much time you dedicate to your goal.

Sunrise & Sunset Routine

Disconnect from & reflect on your work.

Great Things on the Horizon Coming Soon

Sync and bond with the team

Let your teammates know what you're up to.
No longer need to ask your teammate if they're available.
Get a heads up about who not to mess with for
your own safety.
Improve team's collective performance, identifying areas where they are excelling or struggling.
Learn who's at the office today for office party.
Get to know your teammates' musical tastes.
Learn their hobbies, pet's names, favorite desserts, and birthdays.

Weekly Planning

Search Your Notes

Focus Mode

What our first Beta Users have to say!

I used to heavily rely on to-do lists, but I was skeptical about switching to BeforeSunset AI. However, after trying it out, I can confidently say that it's been a game-changer.
The automation of the planning process has saved me so much time, and the personalized plan takes into account my schedule and workload in a way that my old to-do lists never could.

CEO at Decktopus

BeforeSunset AI has been a game-changer for me. It helps me maintain a perfect balance between work and personal life, ensuring I don’t continue working after hours. The teams feature is going to be incredible for staying connected and productive with my students, and the friendly team and upcoming features make BeforeSunset AI the ultimate productivity tool. Highly recommended!

Private English Tutor

BeforeSunset AI keeps me on track throughout the day, and now with the upcoming team feature, it will make working in a team environment so much easier.
I'm excited about the possibility of easily sharing schedules and activities with my teammates, getting to know them better personally, and improving our collective performance. I'm confident that this feature will have a positive impact on our team dynamic and can't wait to start using it!

Founder of Smart CC