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Create your ideal workspace with our AI Ambience Generator. Use the Pomodoro timer to stay focused, break tasks into subtasks, and take notes effortlessly.

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Customize Your Workspace

AI Ambience Generator

Decide where you want to work from today and create your own workspace with AI.

Pomodoro Timer

Increase your focus with the Pomodoro technique.


Break down big tasks into smaller chunks to work more effectively.

Note -Taking

Take reminder notes for your to-dos or write long-form content as you wish.

Collection List

Create your own collection or choose from the ones we've created.

Music & Sound

Choose music and sounds to focus. Jazz, lo-fi, bird sounds, white noise, and more...

Spotify Integration Soon 🚀

Integrate your Spotify account to sync with your playlists.

Daily Manifestation

Check out surprise manifestations that will motivate you every day.

Sharing The Workspace

Share workspace on your social media account to earn extra AI credits.

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More from BeforeSunset AI

Save Time

Know how much you spend on each of your to-dos by time tracking and time blocking.

Minimize Distractions

Use focus mode to get in the zone and complete your tasks.

Organized Workspace

Easy and tidy access to your Todos, Calendar, Notes, Timer, Analytics and more, using integrations to plan and work in sync.

Find Areas for Growth

Get an overview of your performance with analytics. Find areas for growth and analyze your work life balance to prevent burnout.

Plan Ahead

Plan your whole week beforehand from the weekly planning section to stop feeling overwhelmed when Monday comes.

Never Lose Important Notes

Bookmarking allows you to save your notes and revisit them whenever you’d like.

Work in Sync with The Team

Stay up to date with the team feed and work collaboratively to strengthen the team bond.
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