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How to Use

BeforeSunset AI 101

1. How to Create To-dos and Tags

2. How to Change the Date of a Todo
3.How to Make Your Todos Actionable & How to Create Subtasks with AI
4. How to See Todo Details
5. How to Timeblock Your Todos
6. How to Use the Timer, Break, Shutdown the Day
7. How to Use The Team Version
8. How to Sync Multiple Calendars

All You Need to Know

What is BeforeSunset AI?
BeforeSunset AI is a mindful productivity tool that focuses on the human aspect of productivity, prioritizing individual users and empowering them to create the perfect schedule for their workday and be the best planner through these features:

Time-blocking: It plans your to-do list using the time-block technique, either with the help of an AI assistant or by constructing it manually, in sync with your calendar.‍‍

Time-tracking: You can start the timer for each of your tasks and track how much time you spend on each one.‍‍

Analyze yourself: Using the Personal Analytics screen, you can view your productivity score and gain insights to become the best planner.‍

AI Assistant: With AI assistant, you can automatically plan your day, make tasks actionable, and create subtasks. Let AI plan your day automagically.

Google sync: Sync your Google Calendar to keep up with your meetings, important events, etc. Eliminate the need to switch between those tabs or apps.

Outlook sync: Sync your Outlook to never miss your meetings, important events, etc. Never switch between those apps again.

Recurring to-dos: For the to-dos you have to complete regularly and the events that are recurring, you can use our recurruning to-do by choosing between daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Prioritization: You can use prioritization tags to differentiate each task and its urgency. And to help AI create a better schedule based on your urgencies.

Invite/Work with team: Invite team members to work in sync and bond together. You can do this by clicking the invite new team member button on the side bar.

Focus Mode: Focus mode is for people who have trouble staying on track. There’s no room for distractions with this feature.

Note Taking: Take notes based on your to-dos to keep your thoughts and ideas in one place.Bookmark: Easily access your favorite tasks and notes in an instant.

History: Visit history page to move your to-dos to today, tomorrow, rest of the week, later.

Bookmark: Save your to-dos and don’t lose notes and subtasks to revisit them whenever you’d like from the history page.

You can now set your location to let your teammates know where you’re working from or if you’re out of the office getting that tan or skiing away on a mountain.

Mood tracking Journal:
Learn about your teammate's moods without even asking them. Check on them if needed.

Weekly planning:
We know you guys liked the Plan My Day feature. What if you could also plan your week with AI? What’s next? You might ask, maybe AI monthly planning or even AI yearly planning. The sunset is the limit.
Who should use BeforeSunset AI?
Those who struggle with planning, prioritizing, and balancing their productivity goals with their individual needs and well-being can use BeforeSunset AI.

Think of BeforeSunset AI as your helpful companion for those struggling to plan and complete their day as intended. Our goal is to equip you with all the tools necessary to ensure your day goes according to plan, all without overwhelming you with excessive features or getting distracted. Ideal users of our platform include: freelancers, marketers, product teams, HR professionals, agencies, teachers, and students.

Of course, it’s not limited to these; they are only few samples for use cases. It can be helpful for anyone who enjoys planning their day, keeping a to-do list, and wanting to add some fun to their workday.
What integrations does BeforeSunset AI offer?
BeforeSunset AI offers a variety of integrations. From Google Calendar, to Outlook you can sync with your calendars. Aside from those you can also sync with Slack as well. We’re working on our Notion, Todoist, Spotify, Zoom, Google Meets, Jira integrations. Future integrations will be decided on our user’s requests. You can also request features that you’d like to sync with BeforeSunset AI.
What type of features will be added in the future?
BeforeSunset AI has a lot of great things planned for the future. We base our ideas and features on our dear Sunsetter’s needs and wants. To learn more about what awaits BeforeSunset AI in the future, visit our roadmap! You can also request features if you’d like!
How do you protect my privacy?
When you sign up to our platform, we request your events directly from the Google API. Generally we avoid storing information when possible. Additionally, we do store your contacts to offer additional features. And for the future we plan to add end-to-end description.
How can I get in contact with support?
If you need assistance, you can get it by these three options:
Through the app by using our chat (the easiest way to reach out to us while using the app)
Through our help center
Via e-mail, hello@beforesunset.ai
BeforeSunset AI - Multiple calendars support and the iOS app: now live! | Product Hunt