How to Use

BeforeSunset AI 101

1. How to Create To-dos and Tags

2. How to Change the Date of a Todo
3.How to Make Your Todos Actionable & How to Create Subtasks with AI
4. How to See Todo Details
5. How to Timeblock Your Todos
6. How to Use the Timer, Break, Shutdown the Day

All You Need to Know

What is BeforeSunset AI?
BeforeSunset AI is a mindful productivity tool that focuses on the human aspect of productivity, prioritizing individual users and empowering them to create the perfect schedule for their workday and be the best planner through these features:

Time-blocking: It plans your to-do list using the time-block technique, either with the help of an AI assistant or by constructing it manually, in sync with your calendar.

Time-tracking: You can start the timer for each of your tasks and track how much time you spend on each one.

Analyze yourself: Using the Personal Analytics screen, you can view your productivity score and gain insights to become the best planner.

AI Assistant: With AI assistant, you can automatically plan your day, make tasks actionable, and create subtasks. Let AI plan your day automagically.  
Who should use BeforeSunset?
Those who struggle with planning, prioritizing, and balancing their productivity goals with their individual needs and well-being can use BeforeSunset AI. 

Managers: It allows managers with a massive calendar and to-do list to easily plan their day and make the workday work for them.

Freelancers: Freelancers who are compensated hourly can use it to track their work and observe how much time they have allocated to each project.

It allows marketers with multiple projects to track their work and maintain their productivity.

It can be utilized by students who wish to make curriculum and planning more enjoyable and who wish to do so from a single platform.

Of course, it’s not limited to these, they are only few samples for uses cases. It can be helpful for anyone who enjoys planning their day, keeping a to-do list, and wanting to add some fun to their workday.
What can I do with AI planning?
With BeforeSunset AI, the only thing you have to do is write your to-dos. BeforeSunset AI takes care of the rest by planning your day with breaks, preventing content-switching, creating subtasks for you, and making your to-dos actually actionable.

Make it actionable:
This AI feature converts your to-do list items into actionable tasks and provides a detailed to-do list view.

Create subtasks: This feature allows you to construct automatic subtasks within a task, and it aims to solve your problem of not being able to do anything or being distracted while deciding what to do before beginning a task.

Plan My Day: We all create a to-do list or grasp the day's flow, but planning it requires additional effort. Plan My Day aims to create the optimal schedule based on your calendar. (Don't forget to add estimated time and tags to your tasks so AI can create the perfect schedule!)
How do AI credits work?
Every “Plan my day” = 30 credits
Every “Create subtasks for me” = 5 credits
Every “Make my tasks actionable” = 3 credits
Do I spend any AI assistant credits if I plan my day myself?
No. You can plan your day yourself and still enjoy the other features of BeforeSunset AI for free!
How many AI assistant credits do I get in the free plan?
There are 300 AI assistant credits in the free plan per month. And if you decide to upgrade to the Pro Plan, you can enjoy unlimited AI credits!
Is there a mobile/ desktop app?
BeforeSunset AI is only available as a web app for now. We are currently working on mobile and desktop apps for you to enjoy BeforeSunset AI more!
What other features will be on BeforeSunset AI?
Team Future: You and your team can enjoy the tool together.

Weekly Analytics:
You can analyze your weekly analytics to become the best planner.

Focus Mode:
You can work without distraction in focus mode.

Search Notes:
You’ll be able to search through your notes. 

You can use BeforeSunset AI integrated with your favourite tools.

You can access our roadmap and give us feedback. Or, your can directly reach us from here.
Will there be a team version?
The team version of our product is currently being developed and will be available soon. With the team version, you can share your progress if you want and see real-time updates from your team. Spotify integration lets you learn about your teammate’s mood and musical tastes.

Plus, as a team leader, you have the ability to see both your team's level of motivation and the extent to which they are working towards specific objectives on a weekly basis. Let's see if every single team member is on the same page!