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About Us

The Joyful Faces Behind BeforeSunset

Our Mission

Yes, productivity is great…

As long as it isn’t achieved at the expense of your well-being! BeforeSunset AI set out to help you and your team establish a healthy work routine that works for you to be able to finish work… well, before sunset! Capitalizing on the power of AI and personal work data, our platform is designed to automatically generate the best daily schedules for you. Let us check items off your task list and give you your time back. 

Forget about other productivity platforms that only add on to your workload, burdening you with feature fatigue and steep learning curves. With BeforeSunset AI, seamlessly type in your focus for the day, sync with your calendar, and run the AI! Our AI technology will suggest subtasks in line with your daily to-do focus, convert your task list to be more actionable, and integrate it into your schedule in line with your work preferences and break time needs. 

Are you a morning worker? Are you your most productive self in the afternoon? Our platform keeps that in mind when building your customized schedules! What’s more, we use proven productivity and focus tactics such as time-blocking to cluster similar tasks together, among other techniques. It is everything you and your team need to tackle the century-old focus challenge and work in harmony. 

The future of work will appreciate the human element of productivity above all. Knowing this, we built our platform specifically to enhance workers’ work life balance, prioritizing break times and maximizing convenience with a minimalist user interface. This, coupled with a simple touch of AI, is the ultimate recipe to supercharge your productivity. 

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“It is everything you and your team need to tackle the century-old focus challenge.”


We’re not only the creators but also the first users of the BeforeSunset AI platform. The idea for the platform started with our founding teams’ need for increased daily planning efficiency and the lack of adequate solutions to tackle the challenge. Being able to empathize directly with our users and understand their pain points puts our team in a unique position to develop the ultimate tool to address the problem. 

However, we don't rely solely on our own experiences. We’ve conducted 200+ customer discovery calls, led an industry-wide survey reaching over 400 participants, and continue to collect data to ensure our product roadmap will effectively meet the needs and expectations of a wider range of users.

“We’ve conducted 200+ customer discovery calls, led an industry-wide survey reaching over 400 participant.”

BeforeSunset Team is Exactly Cut Out For This!

We’ve been through it, struggling to balance productivity and personal life. That is why we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a solution that works for everyone.

Our passion was contagious and developed into a team of 12+ people working with a clear vision. Each member of the BeforeSunset AI team brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, but we all share the same passion for a mindful future of work, productivity, and work-life balance.

“We all share the same passion for mindfulness, productivity, and work-life balance.”

Meet BeforeSunset

Our story extends beyond the inception of BeforeSunset. Started as an internal time-tracking tool for software engineers at BREW, BeforeSunset quickly evolved into a full-fledged work management tool for people who yearned for efficiency, productivity, and of course the ability to finish work at a reasonable hour.

BREW’s lovely office

After 24 hours of the Product Hunt Launch

The hype around the platform we had primarily built for our own internal use grew quickly among our clients and partners. To us, this was living proof of the drastic need in the industry. 

After numerous discovery conversations and an industry-wide survey, our “built-for-internal-use” platform became a time and budget management tool with an extremely successful Product Hunt launch, becoming the #3 Product of the Day,  and ranking as a top product of the week.

Gathering feedback after our launch, one thing became clear: the productivity challenge had to be fun and easy. And, we had just the tool to help us achieve this vision: AI! Setting out to transform the future of work to be more mindful and human, we launched BeforeSunset 2.0, the ultimate daily planning assistant. 

One of our brainstorming sessions for you

The launch night party

The proof is in the pudding! BeforeSunset’s second launch was top of the charts: #1 product of the day, week, and month! Over 8,000+ users in the first month and counting! 

Long gone are the days when you feel overburdened with multiple productivity apps, spending hours planning your day so that no item on your to-do list gets checked off. With BeforeSunset's AI-powered technology, it is now possible to spend a productive day by eliminating the hassle of planning your day. Just focus on the flow, we’ll take care of the rest!

Meet the Team

Get to know the passionate team and reach us anytime.

Elif Duran


Gökçen Öğütçü


Ceylan Ersoy


Batuhan Ulaşan


Deniz Ay

Software Developer

İsmet Kızgın

Software Developer

Pınar Engür

Product Designer

Doğukan Demirel

Product Designer

Zekiye Nur Kesici

Growth&Marketing Lead

Ezgi Yeğinaltay

Growth&Marketing Specialist

Ahmet Can Aslan

Growth&Marketing Specialist

Alara Akçasız

Growth&Marketing Consultant

Meet the Board Members

Get to know the advisors of BeforeSunset AI.

Begüm Atılgan

Board Member - Marketing

Çiğdem Toraman

Board Member - Marketing

Altuğ Canıtez

Board Member - Design

Uğur Yiğit

Board Member - Finance
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