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50 Productive Things to Do When You're Bored at Work

Last Updated:
March 1, 2024
50 Productive Things to Do When You're Bored at Work

If you are feeling unproductive and bored at work and looking for ways to boost your productivity, you are at the right place.

Productive Things To Do

Down below, whether you work in an office or work remotely, you can find a lot of helpful tips for becoming more productive when you get bored at work, and you can learn how to use your downtime for your own good.

To help you be more productive at work, BeforeSunset AI has put together the list below!

drinking coffee while working


Move is one of the first things that people recommend doing when they are bored at work. If you cannot find anything to do, it can be a good idea to get up and take a walk around the office. This can be a good way to take your mind off of work and get some fresh air as well.

If you cannot find anything else to do, there are plenty:

1- Look for ways to go out for a stroll

The first step should be to get your body moving, because you’ve been at work for a long time, whether you are a remote worker or working in an office, and going for a walk will make you feel better. This is arguably one of the best productive things to do when you are bored.

2- Grab a healthy snack- healthy food happy mood

Don’t forget to reward yourself with a healthy snack. Fuel your body with healthy snacks and increase your concentration at work. It will boost your brain power.

3- Take a coffee break

When you start to feel less productive, you can take a break to grab a coffee, or if you are working from home, you can enjoy the moment by making yourself a perfect cup of coffee. Giving yourself the break you deserve is one of the important steps to becoming more productive.

4- Stretch your body more

Stretching your muscles will relax you and renew your energy after long, stressful hours at your desk.

5- Go and chat with your coworker

Instead of choosing online communication with your coworkers, you can walk next to their desks. It not only gets your body moving, but it also improves your communication with your coworkers, and in this way, you can learn new things from them.

Classified document

Tidy Up/ Organize

It's easy to get distracted by all the things on your desk, especially when you're trying to work. So, it's important that you keep everything in order.

6- Clean your workspace

You can clean your desk to eliminate distractions and create an environment in which you can work more productively. A clean working environment will also assist you in clearing your mind.

7- Organize your desk

By keeping your desk organized, you can discover what you're looking for more quickly and so save time.

8- Organize your emails- clean your inbox

Considering that we handle everything related to work via emails, organizing your mailbox is a critical step toward increasing your productivity. Clear out your spam folder, make a separate file for important emails, and read and reply to them.

9- Organize your files

We may be in charge of a large number of important business documents. Placing these files in an orderly manner will allow you to easily find the file you need when you need it, and knowing which file is where will let you know that critical documents are safe.

10- Create a daily cleaning and organizing habit

The first time is always the hardest. Now that you’ve finished cleaning and organizing, it’s time to protect it. Spend 10 minutes each day keeping your workspace clean and organized.

Organized working

Maximize Your Productivity

11- Establish daily goals

You can set goals for yourself each day to see what you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve progressed, at the end of the day. In this way, you won't feel like you've squandered your day, and you'll get a better idea of how long it takes you to complete your tasks.

12- Learn about time management tips

11 and 12 are closely related. An online tool can be extremely useful for tracking your goals, time, and projects. Whether you’re an hourly worker or not, time tracking is the most important thing in business life. Here are 14 easy tips for improving your productivity and time consumption.

13- Use an online tool for project management

Using an online tool for tracking team performance will definitely boost your productivity at work. You can also plan your budget with ease. Most of these online tools offer free trial versions, you can choose between them according to your need.

Start your free trial with BeforeSunset AI to track your work hours, gain insights into your work structure, and optimize your task completion efficiency.

14- Prioritize work-life balance

The ability to strike a balance between work and life will make you feel more organized and at ease. Therefore, planning and tracking your progress will make you feel more confident.

15- Prioritize the hardest task first

We usually have the highest energy and motivation for work in the first hours of the day. It is up to us to use this to our advantage. Do the hardest thing first with high motivation and you can easily handle the rest.

A woman planning her day on her journal while drinking coffee

Start Working on Self-Improvement

16- Read every day

Reading enriches your vocabulary and researchers have found that a rich vocabulary prevents cognitive decline. It also reduces your stress level. According to a 2009 study conducted by the University of Sussex, reading for six minutes can reduce stress levels by up to 68 percent. Even taking five or six-minute breaks to read a book will benefit you greatly.

17- Find inspiration

Inspiration is a key determinant of discretionary effort, which boosts output and can enhance the customer experience. You can watch inspirational videos related to your business area, or you can spend your reading breaks with inspirational books or even you can listen to podcasts that will inspire you in every aspect.

18- Learn something new every day

Spend 5 minutes each day studying something new, whether it's a new word linked to the language you want to learn or something about your work you don't know but want to get better at.

19- Keep a bullet a journal

Keeping a journal can help you a lot. Besides improving your writing skills, it can help you find inspiration, strengthen your memory and reduce your stress level. Moreover, you can develop your self-awareness by writing things you are grateful for, and by means of this you can gain self-confidence.

20- Grow your professional network

Meeting new people will improve your communication skills while also allowing you to benefit from their experience and knowledge.

Working on improvement

Manage Your Finances

21- Set financial goals- debts and budgeting

You can use your downtime to set financial goals. You can set goals for how much you want to save for the future and retirement, as well as how much you want to budget for the things you want to buy.

22- Track your spending

One of the most important aspects of budgeting is keeping track of what and where you're spending your money. Especially for those paid by the hour, planning your budget with ease will help them a lot in business life. Online tools like BeforeSunset can be extremely beneficial for monitoring budgets.

23- Find the most suitable money plan for you

You can use your time to look for the best financial plan for you, based on your income and expenses. There are different budget rules such as 50/20/30 or 80/20.

You can also take your time to check financial sites like http://milvestor.com for more personal finance information.

24- Research useful financial advice

You can check out reliable sources and read the books of reputable people you trust for financial guidance.

25- Make a grocery list or wish list

You can save money and time by determining your needs in advance.

Managing finances

Advance Your Professional Development

26- Focus on your skills

Create a list where you can see what you're talented at and where you're lacking.

27- Edit your Linkedin profile

Linkedin allows you to create a professional social network. Updating your profile allows you to make the right connections and access current information on your areas of interest.

28- Update your resume

Updating your resume can open up new job opportunities for you. Don't forget to include any recent experience and skills that you've gained.

29- Stay up-to-date

Keeping up with current trends in your industry will allow you to advance in your career.

30- Develop self-awareness

Ask your manager or coworkers for feedback. Getting feedback and working on it will definitely improve you.

Happy employees giving a high five

Build Up Your Communication Skills

31- Help your colleagues

Caring about teamwork will not only improve your communication with coworkers but will also help you grow socially and professionally. When you are bored or unmotivated, you can spend a few minutes helping others.

32- Improve your written communication

In the business world, effective written communication is just as important as effective verbal communication. You can take a few minutes to improve yourself in business writing.

33- Attend an online course, workshop or Ted Talk

Many events and workshops are now available online as a result of the pandemic. You can take advantage of them to hone your communication skills.

34- Step outside of your comfort zone

Get comfortable with discomfort because it will provide numerous advantages for you. If talking to new people makes you nervous, get over it and start chit-chatting at work with those you're not close to or haven't yet spoken to.

35- Make a presentation

You can take an important step toward improving your verbal communication skills by volunteering to make presentations at meetings.

Making a presentation with post-its

Practice Self-Care

36- Plan your weekend

Make time for yourself this weekend to unwind from the stresses of the week!

37- Meditate

You can close your eyes and practice meditation for a few minutes to sharpen your attention and calm your thoughts.

38- Stay hydrated

Where coffee is not enough, drinking water will sober you up by accelerating your blood flow.

39-Listen to your favorite music

We can all benefit from music’s motivating power. Take some time for your favorite tune.

40- Decorate your desk

You can add your own touches to your desk to make it feel more like a part of your workspace.


Have Fun

41- Start a book club in the office

It's a fantastic idea to start a book club at work to relieve stress and tension while having fun with your coworkers.

42- Make time for a hobby that makes you feel good

You can make time for a hobby that brings you joy. Here are some hobbies you can do at work:

  • coloring
  • drawing
  • crossword puzzles

43- Honor the birthdays of the staff

You can create a fun atmosphere in the office by celebrating your coworkers' birthdays and making them feel valued.

44- Host a walking meeting

You can make your meeting more enjoyable by holding a walking meeting.

45- Decorate the office space with your coworkers

Organizing and decorating your work environment with your colleagues is a fun way to strengthen your bonds.

Team effort


46- Rest your eyes

Nowadays, we spend long hours in front of our computers to get our work done. Take a few minutes to rest your eyes.

47- Try deep breathing

It will decrease your stress and increase your calm. Your endorphins, or "feel-good" chemicals, are also increased by deep breathing.

48- Get some fresh air

Your brain uses 20% of the oxygen you breathe in to function. Give your body what it needs.

49- Massage your hands

Your skin will feel refreshed after applying lotion to your hands for a stress-relieving massage, and your joints and ligaments will be free of tension.

50- Make playlists to relax

Make a playlist of the music that helps you unwind when you're stressed out so you can quickly access it.

A man and his dog relaxing

If you're having trouble staying motivated at work and don't know what to do, try these helpful hints!

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