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BeforeSunset vs Harvest: Which Is the Best Time Tracking Software?

Last Updated:
February 28, 2024
BeforeSunset vs Harvest: Which Is the Best Time Tracking Software?

Researching the best time-tracking tool is a waste of time. Don’t worry, we are here to do what we are supposed to do: save your time! BeforeSunset the myth the legend the work management software is here to make the workday work for you.

There is a sea of time trackers out there but are they enough to help you finish work before sunset? We don’t think so.

Go ahead and start tracking. If you are not convinced yet, you will be once you finish reading this blog.

Discovering the Uniqueness of BeforeSunset: What Makes Us the Best?

Easy to learn, quick to use

If it is going to take a long to learn how to use it, why use a time tracking software at all am I right? Whether you are using a time tracker for the first time or you are a long time fan, it will take you no time to start tracking. BeforeSunset puts your comfort first, we are not a fan of overcomplicating things.

With our simple user interface design, everything is one click away. You can access your projects, time and budget. Seeing what is overworking you has never been easier in your feed.

Your team deserves the best

No one wants their team members to overwork or underwork. BeforeSunset is the key to increasing everyone's productivity. You can see how much your team has been working and what tasks and projects they are spending their precious time on. You can also see how much of their work is billable and non-billable, this will be an important asset for you when you are calculating the budget.

BeforeSunset listens and cares about your feedback

Expectancy from a time tracking software can be different for everyone. We aim to make BeforeSunset a software that accommodates your needs. We got feedback on how easy it is to get the projects mixed up and how much time they waste on making sure everyone is working on the right project. Our team got right on it and added a note feature on the timer page. Now it is so much easier to see who is working on what.

Your feedback is very precious to us, If you need more from BeforeSunset you can always let us know.

Harvest vs. BeforeSunset

What is Harvest?

Harvest is a time tracking software that gives reports analysis and invoices. It has been around since 2006 and it prides itself on being a time tracker your team loves. Let’s compare it to BeforeSunset to see at which points we are similar and where we differ.

Why You Should Choose BeforeSunset?

We Factor In The Inflation! Billable Rates are Adjustable

The price of your hourly rate change, it could be because of external factors like inflation or simply because you think your work is worth more. Why would changing it be a hassle? Well, it isn’t with BeforeSunset at least. All you have to do is select an hourly rate per project, person, or task to view your projected income then change it according to your needs. Easy right?

Multiple Currencies

Do you have international clients? Your business seems to be booming, good for you. BeforeSunset is here to support you with your international clients too, we have multiple currency options you can change according to how your client is paying you. Determining your currency beforehand will be beneficial for both you and your client.

No Employee Monitoring

For those of you who don't know what employee monitoring is that they take a screenshot of whatever you are working on to make sure that you are working. At BeforeSunset we believe that every employee deserves privacy which is why we don't do it. We trust our users will be honest about the time they track. After all, every Sunseter is a part of the family.


We consider a lot of things before buying a product and its price is in the top three. BeforeSunset offers you simple work management, hassle-free time management, and actionable insights and all of these amazing features are 0$. Yes, you heard me right, the Basic package of BeforeSunset is free. Don't let its name fool you, with the Basic package you can use all features with up to three users. If you have a bigger team, you might prefer the Professional package with the low low price of 3.90$ per month. There is also a free 30-day trial. I don't know about you but I know a good deal when I see one.

Achieving Goals With BeforeSunset

BeforeSunset keeps growing each and every day. We started this journey as a time tracking software that will increase your productivity and efficiency which then turned into a work management software that aims to help with work related issues. Our goal hasn’t changed since then, we want to give you insight into the missing element in your time management skills. Only then you can know what to work on for increasing your productivity. The solutions we offer are not just for employers but for employees as well because everyone deserves to finish their work on time and create a work-life balance. We couldn’t have gone this far without the support from our amazing team and you Sunseters who give us your love and feedback.

Here is our roadmap, they are projects we want to achieve so that after each workday you can go out and enjoy that beautiful sunset. This is where we differ from Harvest. Harvest is a great time tracker but it intends to sy as that while we want to be is so much more than a time tracking software. We are growing into a work management software, an all-in-one time, budget, and project management platform to make the workday work for you.

1.    Slack integration

Slack has become a staple for a lot of businesses. So, the first step on the roadmap is making a Slack integration. This way your co-workers will be able to see which project you are working on in your status without the need to ask you. No more unnecessary distractions that will make you lose focus.

2.    Jira and Notion integration

This integration will be designed to make time tracking even easier. When you choose your task on Jira or Notion you will be able to start a timer instantly. That way you won’t waste any time creating individual projects to track their time.

3.    A desktop and mobile app

We want to make using BeforeSunset even easier which is why we are working on a desktop and mobile app. BeforeSunset will be at your fingertips everywhere you go.

4.    Chrome extension

Chrome extension is a highly requested feature by our users. When this feature is live you will be able to start a timer without the need to open the software.

5.    Personal dashboard

A personal dashboard will for sure make working both fun and easier for you. With this feature, we will be adding focus scores, a to-do list and you will be able to pick a favorite task. Focus scores will help you get insights into your time management skills. Our main goal is to up your productivity and help you growwith us. A to-do list will make sure you won’t forget anything that needs toget done. The best part is that only you will be able to view this page.

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