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Boost Team Productivity Through Time Tracking

Last Updated:
March 1, 2024
Boost Team Productivity Through Time Tracking

At a first glance, time tracking software may appear like a sleek version of old-school punch cards used in offices. Yet, time tracking isn't just about logging hours: It presents a bird's eye view of your teams, offering a plethora of insights to catalyze team productivity.

Do we really spend our work time in an efficient manner?

According to a survey 51% of professionals saying they spend too much time in unproductive meetings and calls. Also, there is another study suggesting that mid-level managers dedicate 1/3 of their day to meetings.

Team work

Inboxes are another drain on our time, with the average professional spending 28% of the workday reading and answering email. As a result, today's employees can devote just 27% of their time to actual skills-based work.

Productivity, in its essence, is the efficiency of production of our work, expressed by some measure.

Aside from the valuable data above, we all know how frustrating it is to spend time in unnecessary meetings or work.

Productivity is heavily tied to the results of our work. Yet sometimes we all need to spend our time on work that is not helpful for our project to reach its finish line effectively.

This whole situation comes with a question. What if we had a software to materialize our ineffective work and let us focus on what's important? How can we measure our productivity and change the work atmosphere into a different one?


Here are some questions that can help you understand how productive and efficient you and your team is:

- Do you work overtime?

- Do you have any feedback from employees about working hours?

- Do you have any feedback about efficiency?

- How does the team react when you ask for a meeting?

- Does anyone from the team work overtime without asking anything in return?

- How long do you spend in status meetings?

Solution is easy:

Now, however, you can shine a spotlight on such barriers to productivity with time management software like BeforeSunset.

The ability to monitor a team's work hours helps businesses to identify who is motivated, distracted, or stuck at a certain stage. Moreover, it allows leaders to intervene at the right moment to offer proactive support.

Building on this concrete data, managers can provide employees added training, shift them to another team or redistribute the workload within a team.


Bottlenecks in a work organization can be tough to identify even when all employees are at the office.

However, through time management software like BeforeSunset, you can see which processes block your employees' progress. Administrative paperwork, cumbersome procedures, or unproductive meetings.  

Managers can help employees bypass such distractions and make sure that they are dedicating their time to the most important tasks.

Being more successful through time tracking

Time tracking apps even allow you to go the extra mile by opting for different metrics with varying functions such as marketing, software, or R&D.

For instance, a planned-to-done ratio might be ideal for a software team, while a revenue-per-employee metric could be better suited for sales teams. In brief, time management software does the heavy lifting so that you may focus on creative initiatives that unlock your company's true potential.

Here are three team productivity strategies you can apply easily with our time tracking software and achieve the results you desire swiftly:

1- Maximize your focus

Trying to decide what's important might be quite a hassle. With BeforeSunset, you can now see which task requires more attention and how long it takes to be completed. You can prioritize your workflow, maximize your focus on whichever task you see fit.


2- Manage your energy

We are more or less productive during different times, and it is valid for every team member. What type of energy do we have in the morning/evening? When do we become better at doing specific tasks? Seeing our way of work in one spreadsheet allows us to make better decisions on how we manage our own and our team's energy.

Tasks and time

3- Develop a routine to start our day

How do you start your day: a coffee, relaxing music, or a short walk?

Everyone has different motivation factors while working. Some people prefer a chatting with their co-workers, some of them might need to listen an episode of their favorite podcasts to clear their minds. Everyone is unique, and everyone has a different period to charge and start their day off. Seeing our team's habits allows us to plan according to their needs in a perspective and create a more productive day ahead for everyone!

time management

BeforeSunset allows you to create individual projects and track the time with additional notes. You can designate users as project managers or account managers, therefore create transparency for the team to track and give feedback when necessary.

We provide everything you need in a compact way when it comes to time tracking and team productivity. Therefore, create value for each individual member of your corporation.

If you have more questions, you can visit our FAQ page and learn more!

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