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10 Free AI Tools That Will Change Your Life

Ezgi Aydın
Last Updated:
March 1, 2024
10 Free AI Tools That Will Change Your Life

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) has had a transformational impact on a variety of businesses and facets of our life in the quickly changing technological world. Tools for artificial intelligence have shown to be invaluable resources, improving decision-making and simplifying activities. 

In this blog, we examine a hand-picked list of 10 exceptional free AI applications that are positioned to fundamentally alter the way we work, create, and communicate. 

These tools cover a wide range of topics, including data analysis, language processing, and content production and design, demonstrating the enormous potential of AI to transform our daily lives and provide new opportunities for creativity. 

These tools give a look into the future of technology and its potential to have a substantial influence on our lives, whether you're a student, professional, content producer, or just interested about the capabilities of AI.

Which is The Best AI Tool?

Start by identifying your unique demands and objectives in order to choose the right AI technology. Investigate the tools that are available, taking into account their technology, usability, and customizability. 

Analyze the amount of data they require, as well as their accuracy, performance, and integration possibilities. Examine the degree of assistance and supporting materials provided, and take your budget into account. 

Gather user feedback through reviews or your network and make sure the product places a high priority on security and privacy. Try out demo versions whenever feasible to determine appropriateness. 

You may confidently select the AI tool that complements your goals, talents, and resources by carefully assessing these variables, which will eventually improve your workflow and produce the best outcomes. Of course If what You are looking for is an AI powered daily planner software, you should use BeforeSunset AI.

BeforeSunset AI

BeforeSunset is an AI daily planner tool for busy professionals that plans your day based on your schedule and to-do list. It makes planning your day hassle-free since it is one of the things their users struggle with the most.Or, you can create a plan yourself by syncing your calendar.

BeforeSunset can help you plan your day, keep track of your tasks and shows you how much time you have spent on each tasks. With its tag system you can easily categorise your to-do's.

It also cares about you wellbeing, at the start of each day it asks how you are feeling and shares it with your team. What is even better is that it provides analytics to get insights for sunsetting the day stress-free.



The online photo editing and graphic design tool Fotor makes it easy for users to turn their photographs into eye-catching works of art. Fotor offers a variety of tools to fulfill your creative requirements, whether you're a photography enthusiast, a social media manager, or a company owner looking for eye-catching graphics. 

Fotor offers a perfect environment for both inexperienced and seasoned designers to create outstanding pictures thanks to its approachable user interface and accessible web-based platform.

Fundamentally, Fotor excels in photo editing and gives customers precise control over image enhancement. An excellent selection of filters, effects, and overlays smoothly complement fundamental alterations like cropping, resizing, and adjusting brightness and contrast. 

Users may utilize this combo to give their images a distinctive flair and stand out from the crowd. Batch processing speeds up the editing of many photographs, which is helpful for people who work with a lot of photos.



Jasper is an online AI writing tool. It has more than 50 templates you may use as a starting point (including blog articles, Facebook advertising, and video scripts), and its AI is programmed with respect to best practices in the field. Although you may try it out for free for five days, you will still need to give your credit card information. 



Video localization is one of Synthesia's more intriguing uses. It can be time-consuming and expensive to translate information into other languages for dubbing or subtitles. By allowing users to enter the screenplay and having the virtual character deliver it in a variety of languages with precise lip synchronization, Synthesia speeds this process. 

This might completely change how international material is created and disseminated, making it more approachable and interesting for a wide range of people.

Additionally, Synthesia has a part to play in the development of content for multiple platforms. By automating the video creation process, it makes it easier to create explainer films, tutorials, marketing content, and instructional resources. 

This is especially helpful for companies and content producers that want to generate high-quality video material fast and effectively without having to invest a lot of time in recording, editing, and post-production.



In order to comprehend and analyze scripts or text input, Synthesia's basic technology uses AI algorithms. The virtual characters' lips, facial emotions, and body language are then synchronized with the spoken words using this text as a guide. 

The end result is a video that, although being produced by the AI-powered character, convincingly presents the material as if it were being delivered by a person.

Video localization is one of Synthesia's more intriguing uses. It can be time-consuming and expensive to translate information into other languages for dubbing or subtitles. 

By allowing users to enter the screenplay and having the virtual character deliver it in a variety of languages with precise lip synchronization, Synthesia speeds this process. This might completely change how international material is created and disseminated, making it more approachable and interesting for a wide range of people.



At the nexus of content generation and artificial intelligence, Frase functions. By providing insights, suggestions, and tools that assist authors and marketers in producing content that connects with their target audience and adheres to search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, it seeks to expedite the content development process.

The capacity of Frase to produce content briefs is one of its primary characteristics. Users enter a topic or phrase, and Frase analyzes the most popular articles on that topic using its AI algorithms. 

After that, it creates a content brief with suggestions for the article's headers, subtopics, and key phrases. This strategy guarantees that the material is thorough and in line with what readers and search engines are looking for.


Jukebox AI probably uses sophisticated machine learning methods, notably generative models, to produce music that is reminiscent of many genres, performers, and styles. 

These models can understand the patterns, melodies, harmonies, and structures that distinguish different musical genres since they have been trained on enormous databases of existing music.

The ability of Jukebox AI to produce creative musical compositions that sound incredibly real is one of the technology's interesting features. This AI-driven music production has the capacity to imitate the aesthetics of popular musicians or musical subgenres, resulting in works that may deceive listeners into thinking they were composed by humans.

This Person Does Not Exist

This Person Does Not Exist

By creating lifelike images of fictional persons, the website "This Person Does Not Exist" demonstrates the GANs' amazing powers. A fresh face is generated for each user that accesses the website, complete with distinctive facial characteristics, emotions, and data. 

The distinctions between reality and artificial invention are readily blurred by these visuals since they are so compelling.

The project has drawn a lot of interest since it shows how quickly AI is advancing in the field of visual creation. It demonstrates how artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to create wholly artificial yet first convincing pictures. 

Although this technology is innovative and engaging, it also raises moral questions concerning its abuse, such as creating fictitious accounts for evil intentions or aiding in the spread of disinformation.



A web-based program called "Fontjoy" uses artificial intelligence to help designers and other producers select the best font combinations for their work. 

Fontjoy, which was developed in response to the difficulties in choosing complimentary typefaces for design work, promises to enhance and simplify the typography selection process by offering data-driven ideas that work well together.

Choosing two or more types that compliment each other visually and maintain consistency across a design is known as font pairing. 

Finding the ideal font balance is essential for expressing the desired mood, improving readability, and developing a consistent visual identity. An unique approach to this challenging design job is provided by Fontjoy's AI-driven methodology.



The cloud-based presentation design platform Beautiful.ai uses artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way people make aesthetically compelling and lasting presentations. 

By providing an intuitive user interface, clever automation capabilities, and expertly crafted templates, Beautiful.ai streamlines the sometimes time-consuming process of producing presentations.

At its foundation, Beautiful.ai is aware of the difficulties in creating presentations that successfully convey information while still being aesthetically pleasing. 

The platform responds to these issues by offering a variety of capabilities that enable users to produce polished and appealing presentations without having to possess advanced design knowledge.

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