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Less is more: Small but productive team

Last Updated:
March 1, 2024
Less is more: Small but productive team

As market competition leads to tighter budgets, managers are faced with the challenge of getting more done with leaner teams. The solution is not applying more pressure on employees, but rather creating a small but productive team.

Employees giving fist bumps

Achieve More With a Productive Team

Since the onset of the pandemic, many industries have seen sharp drops in business volumes. Unfortunately, this has forced the top management to cut down on spending on labor costs.

Many team leaders are left with the age-old challenge of achieving a wide array of tasks with a smaller workforce.

Enhance The Trust

The way to ensure that you have a productive team is not to pressurize or spy on them. But to cultivate mutual trust in order to encourage them to embrace the job. Some managers opt for employee surveillance instruments such as screen recording or webcam monitoring.

However, such methods can create quite understandable privacy concerns for everyone.

More importantly, lead to severe erosion of trust within a team since they basically infantilize employees.

Cameras watching two people

In actual fact, as human beings, we enjoy creating things. And leaving our stamp on the world. In other words, we want to own up to our work.  

To be able to do that, we need to feel trusted with the job at hand.

Indeed, 2017 study conducted in the USA found that people working for high-trust companies enjoy 50% higher productivity and 106% more energy at work. And report 74% less stress.

Ready to Reorganize

In recent years, time management software has emerged as a great way to build such a high-trust team composed of self-propelled individuals.

We also should not forget that working from home is much easier for some employees. Because they can create a workflow depending on their energy consumption on different tasks. Employers and team leaders should respect that.

Try to Understand and Communicate

The way to ensure companies' confidence in their employees is quite simple. Secure their domain that they are comfortable with and set expected deadlines for tasks.

Today, with the growing start-up culture we all know that small but a productive team can achieve big goals. Having bigger teams seems efficient especially in bigger companies. But to achieve necessary efficiency, a communication network among teams is required, along with the HR load on managing company employees.

Not every company has the luxury to afford more employees on the stage of growing. Some projects need to be done by selected employees in a reasonable duration. But that also requires efficient time management systems to create a productive team.

Start up

That’s where BeforeSunset comes in to solve this very problem. Allowing you to create a timeline where you can track every project along with member allocations. To put it simple: it works because you can track everything from one place in a very compact manner and see possible threats ahead.

Here are some tips to manage smaller teams:

- Choose right people to assign projects. Everyone has different strengths and knowing them can push you forward more than you can imagine.

- Consider prioritizing tasks not by the deadline but the time of complation. This might allow you to assign more members to an assignment and be more efficient.

- Have meetings and listen to the team after each completed project or assignment. Being adaptive and listening to the team’s feedback will create a more efficient working environment.

- Allowing team members to choose their own assignments in projects is a good way of creating team trust.

A Heightened Sense Of Confidence

Time management tools such as BeforeSunset help team members keep track of their tasks and work hours on a timesheet. So, as a team member, you know what is exactly expected from you and when you should deliver it.
On the time-keeping app, you can transparently see that your work is an integral part of the whole.

Make Your Work Meaningful

Put otherwise, you're cognizant that your teammates are dependent on what you are doing. Meaning: you matter. This very basic aspect of human collaboration makes each and every one of us much more accountable and responsible than any surveillance technology could ever do.

Furthermore, due to the pandemic and the ensuing remote work schemes, all team members feel the need to strike a better work-life balance. The ability to log in their times and create their own timesheets precisely gives employees the flexibility that they seek -without compromising their accountability. Team members have a heightened sense of autonomy in their work, but team leaders always can transparently keep track of employee hours.

As a result, when I use BeforeSunset, I have the chance to prioritize my tasks during the day and structure my timesheet. Yet I still know that my teammates rely on me. And do not want to let anyone down.

I know that when we get down to the nitty-gritty, checking out BeforeSunset's weekly and monthly reports, I want to be appreciated as someone who has made a concrete contribution to their team.

With mutual trust and right time plans, employees feel confident and know that they are viable assets to the company. Team complete their assigned tasks more efficiently. This correct workflow ensures team efficiency and mainly allows companies to get to their designated deadlines earlier, creating more employee growth time. More time to work on tasks to make them even better than their original versions.

And complete tasks with fewer team members in the future since the workflow is so rigid regarding team efficiency.

In brief, productivity software is a great way to build a compact yet robust team aligned with your business imperatives.

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