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Getting Used to Planners: Why Do Workers Need a Productivity Planner in 2023?

Last Updated:
March 1, 2024
Getting Used to Planners: Why Do Workers Need a Productivity Planner in 2023?

Employees and teams are always looking for a productivity planner. In the era of ever-expanding technological capabilities, increased workplace distractions, shrinking attention spans and long work hours, effective time management is crucial to success. This blog post will outline what a productivity planner is, why it's important and how to use one.

productivity planner

How to Maximize Output and Enhance Well-Being?

Here's a secret: in the future, you'll never have time to organize your life. But you can still be more productive if you learn how to plan things ahead of time.

So what is the best way to do this? Well, I've tried everything from traditional planners and calendars to productivity & task management apps that help you organize your tasks and projects. But they're all missing something—a human element that helps tie your work into daily life.

So before we dive into my favorite productivity planner approach—and why I think it will help anyone who wants more control over their days—let's take a look at where we come from (traditional planners) and where we're going (smartphones and web solutions).

Technology has changed everything about the workplace. But, what about productivity?

Technology has changed everything about the workplace. It's how we communicate and plan, how we work with other people and our bosses, and how we stay organized. With all these changes a productivity planner is essential for any modern worker.

A productivity planner will help you stay on track, get organized, and keep up with all the different aspects of your job. It can be as simple as a notebook or as complex as an app on your phone.

The best productivity planners will have all the tools you need to stay on top of your work and get it done. They can help you plan out projects, keep track of deadlines and important dates, stay organized with lists and notes, find inspiration for new ideas, learn new skills, or improve existing ones—and much more! With a good planner at hand, nothing is impossible and your productivity will skyrocket.

The way we communicate has changed.

Especially keeping in mind the drastic impact of the pandemic, and the ever-so-volatile transformations new generations have brought into contemporary reality, the way we communicate has changed.

Is email the right way to go?

Email is still by far the most popular form of communication, but it's not a good medium for complex ideas. According to a study conducted by Litmus in 2018, email reaches just 25% of people's attention within three minutes after they open it. If you want your message to be read, you need to make it clear and concise — or else send an SMS or messenger app message instead!

Email is also becoming less popular among younger generations. In the same Litmus study, the researchers found that only 20% of millennials check their email first thing in the morning — compared to 50% of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. This means that many people are missing important messages because they don't think to check their inboxes until later in the day.

Email is also a very impersonal form of communication. It's hard to convey emotion or personality through text alone, which can make it difficult for people to connect on an emotional level. According to the same Litmus study, only 10% of millennials think email is ideal for communicating with coworkers — compared to 75% of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers!

productivity planner

Human Touch In The Planning Equation.

You might be wondering why you need a productivity planner in 2023. After all, the human mind is still better at some things than computers are. In fact, humans can help us plan our work day more effectively and be more productive. So, what is the driving force behind gross primary productivity? Or, rather, what does the new definition of productivity planner look like?

Holding Ourselves Accountable with Planners

To start with, having a productivity planner means that you have someone to hold you accountable for your tasks and deadlines. If you’re working in an office where everyone is responsible for their own schedules and deadlines, it could be easy to fall behind on projects or even miss meetings if they don’t fit into what had been previously agreed upon by everyone else in your group.

The beauty of having someone else organize your schedule is that they know what needs to get done sooner rather than later based on the project timeline (and whether or not there are any other deadlines looming). They can also coordinate with other team members so that their tasks don't conflict with yours unnecessarily (or at least make sure those conflicts are minimized).

When it comes down to actually planning out each day's work agenda—from morning meeting agendas through end-of-day wrap-ups—having someone who understands exactly which tasks need attention most urgently will help ensure nothing falls through the cracks during busy periods when everyone feels like they're drowning under mountains of workloads! To me, that is maximum productivity efficiency not reached.

How to Win Over Time Anxiety?

In the past, people had fewer responsibilities and spent less time at work. But according to Gallup, Americans are working longer hours than they were in 2000. And while this means that you can focus on more things at once, it also means that there's less time in the day for other activities—like taking care of yourself or spending time with your family.

So if you're not going to be able to get everything done tomorrow, why not plan what needs to happen today?

This way, tomorrow's workload won't feel so daunting. You might even find that you're able to accomplish more throughout the day if you can devote your attention to one thing at a time.

If tomorrow is the day when you're going to tackle a big project, then today is the day to prepare for it. Start by making a list of everything that needs to be done. Then prioritize each item based on its importance and urgency. This way, you'll know exactly what needs to happen first before moving on to the next task. Here's more on how to organize your life better in 2023.

Still looking for more tips on time management to get ahead of the game. Here are the best time management tools and techniques to manage work life balance.

productivity planner

Use Planners to Be More Productive

If you want to be more productive in 2023, you should get a productivity planner that helps you get more done each day.

In fact, there are many planners out there. You can choose whichever one is right for your needs and your lifestyle. Seek out the best apps for productivity for your own benefit.

Which one is the productivity planner that works for you?

The first thing that you need to do is decide what kind of planner will work best for you—if it's a daily planner or an hourly planner, or whatever else.

The second step is choosing the right size and style: do they come in different colors? Are they spiral-bound so they're easy to carry around? Can I write on them with markers instead of pens? And how much does each one cost? Then once those decisions have been made (and don't forget about organization!), then comes the fun part: using it!

The best way to use a productivity planner is to write down all of your tasks for the day in it. If that seems like your cup of tea, here's a bunch of productivity planners to check out.

Before you start working, sit down with your planner and write everything down: what needs to get done today? What can wait until tomorrow? If there's anything that you don't know what to do with yet, then mark it as an "unscheduled task" or something similar so that you have an easy reference when things come up later on.

productivity planner

A Productivity Planner May Look Different in 2023

If you’re looking for a way to make your workday more productive, then you need to get a productivity planner. A productivity planner will help you get more done each day, which means that you can spend less time on paperwork and more time with family or friends.

Start experimenting with BeforeSunset's productivity solution

But, what you imagine when we mention a productivity planner may be drastically different in 2023. Rather than a physical notebook, I’ve been turning to online tools and platforms that can help function as a productivity planner that holds me accountable and gives me a holistic view of my to-do list. That is where BeforeSunset can come into play!

A holistic work management tool that is designed to maximize your productivity, you can turn to BeforeSunset to assess your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, plan your time commitment, gain insights on optimization tactics, and more. Discover now!

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