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5 Best To Do List Apps For 2024

Gizem Nur Keskin
Last Updated:
March 1, 2024
5 Best To Do List Apps For 2024

Let’s face it. Life can get pretty hectic sometimes and it becomes hard to keep track of everything with so many things vying around for our attention. 

That’s when a to do list app comes in handy! Knowing which one suits your needs best can be tough with so many apps. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best to-do list apps that will help you stay organized, focused, and on top of your game. So, whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or just someone who wants to keep their life in order, these apps are sure to help you get the job done. 

We’ve tried a bunch so you don’t have to. But before we start listing them, what makes a to do list app a good one?

What Makes a Good To Do List App? 

A paper to-do list is perfectly OK, but switching to a digital one has advantages. If you prefer handwriting, checking things off in ink or pencil, and drawing arrows to indicate when priorities and deadlines change, pen and paper just work fine.

But it is safe to say that millions of individuals around the world rely on to-do list apps to help them get things done. There are many different to-do list apps out there, so it's important to know what features to look for. 

Good to-do list apps are intuitive, allow for personalization, are reliable and secure, and are available on various devices. What else?

Let’s dive in!

  1. Allow Users to Add And Categorize Tasks Quickly And Easily

This is essential if you want to keep up with a hectic schedule because you want to spend less time arranging activities and more time actually doing them. A to do list app should therefore enable you to add items and classify them with only a few taps or clicks.

  1. Offer Multiple Ways to Organize Tasks

A to do list app should include a variety of options to arrange your tasks, including tags, lists, projects, and due dates. These are all beneficial categories, and a top-notch to do list app should have access to at least a couple of them. 

  1. Have a Clean and User-Friendly Interface:

A to do list app should be easy to navigate and intuitive which makes it simpler for you to use. Because who would want an app that takes up too much of your time trying to figure out how to use it?

  1. Remind You About Deadlines:

Reminding you of deadlines you've set for yourself is yet another essential feature that distinguishes a to do list app from others. Whether it's through notifications, widgets, or emails, the app should help you track what needs to happen and when.

  1. Sync Between Every Platform You Use:

A to do list app should be able to sync between the platforms you use whether you're at your desk or on the go, you can access your tasks and manage your schedule. 

We’ve looked for apps that could balance these qualifications in various ways. All of these options won't be suitable for you, but hopefully one of them is. Let's get going with the 5 best to do list apps!

BeforeSunset AI

BeforeSunset is the ultimate productivity solution for busy professionals and teams. As its name suggests, it aims to help you finish your work before sunset through mindful productivity. 

It offers to help you solve the focus puzzle by having:

  • To-do list
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  • Note-taking
  • Time-tracking
  • Focus mode 

In short, it is everything you need for deep work. It sounds promising, right? We know! A tool that meets your to do list app needs and offers you and your team a healthy work environment. 

Dreams do really come true- hand me my napkin, please. 

Sadly, it is not possible for you to see it right now but you can join the waitlist to be our power users. Trust us, IT’S-GONNA-BE-REALLY-GOOD!


If you’re looking for a robust to-do list, Todoist isn't it. Also, it's not the simplest. That’s kind of the point because this to do list app tries to strike a balance between power and simplicity, and does so while supporting a wide variety of platforms. That's a major selling point, and it's likely one of the reasons Todoist is so widely used.

best to do list apps

There is a free version of Todoist with only the most fundamental functions, and a paid premium edition with extras like location-based reminders, task comments, and individualized filters. Its simplicity, adaptability, and user-friendly layout have made it a popular to do list app for managing a wide variety of activities and projects, both individually and in groups.

the best to do list apps


TickTick is designed just for you if you use the Getting Things Done method and the Pomodoro Technique.   

TickTick is a task management app that helps users to organize and track their to-do lists, set reminders, and schedule tasks. It is available for mobile devices, desktops, and web browsers. 

best to-do list apps

This to do list app also includes features such as collaboration, habit tracking, and a calendar view. TickTick is popular among users who want a simple and intuitive interface for managing their tasks and increasing their productivity.

It bridges the gap between task management and project management while remaining reasonably priced and simple to use. If you’re a freelancer or run a small business, TickTick might be the to do list app without too much of a learning curve. 

to do list apps

Google Tasks

If you rely heavily on Google's suite of productivity tools, Google Tasks could be the perfect to do list app for you.

what is the best to do list apps

The best to do list app is one that's always handy. It's difficult to find an app that is more useful than Google Tasks if you're the type of person who always keeps Gmail open on your computer. This to do list app allows you to drag-and-drop features to build task lists, add due dates, set reminders, and organize your activities.

It connects with other Google programs like Gmail and Google Calendar, making it simple to create and manage tasks from within these apps. 

best to do list apps

OmniFocus 3

If you’re an Apple device user, OmniFocus 3 may be the perfect solution for you despite being a little pricey. 

It is a product that also focuses on the lofty Getting Things Done (GTD) method trademarked by David Allen which emphasizes the importance of breaking down tasks into actionable steps and organizing them based on their context. 

best to do list apps for 2023

Features of OmniFocus 3 include the ability to create tasks, subtasks, and projects, as well as to set due dates and reminders, and to organize tasks using tags, contexts, and custom perspectives. In addition, it has sophisticated options like syncing with Siri, setting reminders based on where you are, and postponing work till later.

Besides being the dream of productivity geeks, it is expensive and only available for IOS which is a downside. Pricing for OmniFocus 3 varies by platform and edition.

It has a dedicated following among people who are passionate about productivity and professionals who need a reliable tool for managing their workload.

to do list app

Are There Any More To Do List Apps?

Of course, there are. The above are only some of the dedicated to do list apps.  However, if they don’t meet your needs, here are some extra suggestions for you:

Your ideal to-do list app or tool will be different from the norm depending on your own tastes and work style.

  • If you can’t live a day without using project management tools like Asana or Trello, you can easily double them as your to do list app
  • If you’re a note-taker, Evernote, One Note, and Google Keep allow you to combine your to-do list with your notes. 
  • You can use something as basic as Google Sheets or a piece of paper to keep track of your tasks if that's what you'd prefer. Sticky note applications and email inboxes have even replaced paper to-do lists for some people.

The trick is to identify the tool that suits you best and stick with it. Don't overthink things – the most important thing is to stay organized and get things done.

How to Use Your To Do List to The Fullest?

A to do list app is only as useful as the user who utilizes it. The app can have all the bells and whistles, but if you don't actively engage with it and keep it up to date, it won't be effective in helping you stay organized and productive.

Besides acting as a to do list app, BeforeSunset is the perfect productivity guide to wrap up the day. The process has the perfect simplicity level: Dump your thoughts, plan wisely accordingly, and reflect on your progress. Be among the first to experience the future of productivity. 

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