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What Made John Carmack Quit?

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Last Updated:
March 1, 2024
What Made John Carmack Quit?
“We have a ridiculous amount of people and resources, but we constantly self-sabotage and squander effort. There is no way to sugar coat this; I think our organization is operating at half the effectiveness that would make me happy. Some may scoff and contend we are doing just fine, but others will laugh and say ‘Half? Ha! I’m at quarter efficiency!”

When coworkers don't work efficiently, it can have several negative consequences. One potential outcome is that tasks and projects take longer to complete, which can lead to delays and missed deadlines. This can be frustrating for team members who are relying on their coworkers to complete their work in a timely manner. 

It can also lead to increased stress and pressure, as team members may have to work harder or longer to compensate for their coworkers' inefficiencies. In some cases, inefficient coworkers may even create additional work for others, as their mistakes or poor time management skills may require others to fix or redo their work. 

Ultimately, when coworkers don't work efficiently, it can negatively impact the productivity and morale of the entire team. John Carmack seems to think this way because he quit his job as a consultant at Meta. 

john carmack meta resignation

Who is John Carmack?

Well who is John Carmack and why is everyone talking about him quitting? John Carmack is a computer programmer and video game developer who is known for his work on the Doom and Quake series of video games. He co-founded the video game company id Software in 1991 and served as the company's Chief Technical Officer until 2013. 

Carmack is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the first-person shooter genre of video games and is credited with popularizing the use of 3D graphics in video games. He has also made significant contributions to the field of computer graphics and has developed a number of influential software tools and techniques that have been widely adopted in the video game industry. 

In 2013, Carmack left id Software to join Oculus VR as its Chief Technology Officer, where he has been working on virtual reality technology and in 2019 he started working as a consultant for the Meta VR team. Then in 2023, he resigned from this role causing an uproar.

What made him quit?

This is a direct quote from John Carmack, he was so fed up with his team not working efficiently that this led him to quit his job. Of course, it must be painful to see your team not putting in the effort when you are putting your heart and soul into a project.

He states that this project has every resource they need except for a team that wants to work on it wholeheartedly and values it. He still believes that one day Meta could succeed but that day is not today.

So he resigned and from that day forward he wants to focus on his start-up. 

How can you avoid your team quitting?

There are several ways to prevent team members from quitting due to poor efficiency:

Communicate effectively: Make sure that team members understand their roles and responsibilities and have clear expectations. Encourage open and honest communication and be available to answer questions or provide support.

Foster a positive work environment: Create a positive and supportive culture where team members feel valued and respected. Encourage collaboration and teamwork, and recognize and reward good work.

Provide training and development opportunities: Help team members improve their skills and knowledge through training and development programs. This can help them feel more confident and competent in their roles and contribute more effectively to the team.

Monitor and address performance issues: Regularly check in with team members and provide feedback on their performance. If there are performance issues, work with team members to identify the cause and develop a plan to address them.

Streamline processes and tools: Review and optimize processes and tools to make sure they are efficient and effective. This can help reduce frustration and improve productivity. For example, you can use BeforeSunset to up your team’s efficiency.

BeforeSunset can help your teammates identify areas where they may be spending too much time, and allow them to make adjustments to their workflow to be more efficient. So grab your team and sign up to BeforeSunset.

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