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BeforeSunset AI - Turns your to-dos into the perfect schedule | Product Hunt

AI powered workspace to end workday chaos

AI-powered asynchronized team workspace that promotes teamwork, respects privacy, prevents burnout, and reduces distractions while providing analytics.
BeforeSunset AI - Turns your to-dos into the perfect schedule | Product Hunt
BeforeSunset AI - Turns your to-dos into the perfect schedule | Product Hunt
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Join +30,000 users in planning and conquering their day successfully.

BeforeSunset AI Teams - AI-powered workspace: plan & execute together | Product Hunt
What is your main to-do for today?
AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams.

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BeforeSunset AI Teams - AI-powered workspace: plan & execute together | Product Hunt

Transform your workday from chaos to clarity.

The AI daily planner that plans your day based on your schedule and to-do list.

Work in sync,
achieve together.
AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams.
Work together,
bond together.
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Lead your team to reach the goals.

Set goals with team tags.

Categorize the to-dos to reach the goal you'll work on with your team.

Analyze and track your team's progress.

Get an overview of your team's achievements and work-load.

Check your employees well-being.

Gather team time stats, moods, and statuses to prevent burnout while prioritizing well-being and motivation, not just task completion.

Manage the capacity and resources.

Get an overview of each member's progress for better resource management.

Work, bond, and sync within the team.

Work and life balanced on a single platform.

Seperate and control your work and personal to-dos at the same time in the same place, daily or weekly.

No room for distractions, just a team working focused.

Learn about your teammates availability without causing any distractions.

Track your work and personal progress.

Analyze your overall performance and control your progress for both personal and work todos..

Know your teammates mood.

Learn about your teammates' current mood. No need for another channel to stay in contact.

Team bond made easy!

Get to know your teammates about their hobbies, and birthdays. Know where they are working from and if they are available or not without contacting them.

Enhance your experience with integrations.

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Daily planning hacked, powered by AI.

Overwhelmed by your to-do list?

Studies show that visualizing tasks led to a 40% increase in task completion. Let BeforeSunset AI build and optimize your schedule effortlessly.

Find the optimal time.

Coming Soon

Overflowing with to-dos and no room on your calendar? Use AI to take control of your schedule.

Coming Soon

Let our AI learn from your data.

Our AI learns from your data and answers your questions for personalized experience.

Make your to-do list actionable.

Our AI will convert your to-dos to be more actionable, and suggest subtasks.

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More from BeforeSunset

Time Tracking

Observe the actual and planned time ratio to understand where you spend your time.

Note Taking

Your notes all in one place , no need to switch across platforms.

The Badges and Score

Earn badges based on your planning success.


Bookmark the task that you'd like to revisit.

Focus Mode

Go all in on one task, no distractions.


Break down big tasks into smaller chunks to work more effectively.


Visit history to duplicate your unfinished to-dos to complete later.

Customizable Tags

Use tags, categorize your to-dos and check analytics to see your overall progress.

Recurring To-dos

Create recurring to-dos for tasks and events you have on your schedule regularly.

Love stories from Sunsetters

BeforeSunset AI has been a game-changer for me. It helps me maintain a perfect balance between work and personal life, ensuring I don’t continue working after hours. The teams feature is going to be incredible for staying connected and productive with my students, and the friendly team and upcoming features make BeforeSunset AI the ultimate productivity tool. Highly recommended!

Private English Tutor

BeforeSunset AI's team version has transformed how we collaborate as a team. In our organization, we have hybrid workers, on-site employees, and remote workers. Synchronization used to be a significant challenge, but not anymore.
The Team Feed is a game-changer. Now, we can easily check what projects our teammates are working on, their availability, and the tasks they are handling, all without disturbing them. This has made our teamwork seamless, even in our mixed work environment.

CEO at Decktopus

BeforeSunset AI's new team version has been a game-changer for our company. We used to struggle with maintaining a healthy work environment and preventing burnout among our team members.
The team version's features have been a lifesaver. Now, we can keep track of our personal and team tasks separately, ensuring a better work-life balance for everyone.

Founder of Smart CC

I’m an avid enthusiast of productivity apps, and the name “BeforeSunset” immediately caught my eye; it resonates with my personal goal of completing work tasks before the day ends. This app appears to be the ideal tool to help me achieve that goal. The user-friendly interface and the captivating color scheme only add to its appeal. Congratulations on developing such an impressive product!

Marketing Specialist and a Content Creator
BeforeSunset AI - Multiple calendars support and the iOS app: now live! | Product Hunt
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Oasis by BeforeSunset AI - Lofi.co is dead, here's your new AI workspace for deep focus | Product Hunt