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11 Best Time Blocking Apps for Productivity in 2023

Time Management
Zekiye Nur Kesici
Last Updated:
March 1, 2024
11 Best Time Blocking Apps for Productivity in 2023

Time management skills are increasingly important in today’s fast-paced business environment. Time blocking, a technique that includes allocating time blocks to various activities, is one approach that has gained popularity. Individuals can improve their workflow and output by allocating more time to specific tasks.

For this purpose, we have created a list of the top 11 timeblocking apps expected to be available in 2023. Whether you're an old hand at time blocking or just getting started, these applications will make your life easier.

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Dealing with various tasks and responsibilities has become the norm for today's busy professionals and businesses. With so much on their plates, it's critical that they discover efficient ways to manage time and streamline processes.

The time-blocking approach is a popular and effective strategy. Individuals can increase productivity and gain control of their calendars by allocating specified blocks of time for each task or activity. In this blog post, we will discuss the necessity of using a timeblocking tool to optimize workflow and how it may revolutionize your productivity.

Time Blocking Technique and its Benefits for the Productivity

The time-management strategy known as "time blocking" is allocating set periods of time throughout the day to individual jobs or activities. Allocating specific blocks of time to certain tasks allows people to maximize their efficiency and get more done in less time. It has numerous advantages for maximizing your productivity:

  • Prioritizing Tasks: It aids in setting priorities and giving due attention to critical tasks. Prioritizing work and devoting concentrated effort to its completion allows people to get more done in less time.
  • Time Management: Time blocking is helpful for both time management and productivity. It gives a foundation for planning one's day and aids in visualizing one's schedule. When people have a clear idea of when and where they need to get things done, they waste less time making decisions and are more productive overall. Using time blocks to increase productivity has many advantages.
  • Increased accountability and discipline: Time blocking also promotes responsibility and self-control. When people have set periods of time to work on particular projects, they are more likely to stay focused and get the work done in that time. It helps people get things done more quickly and with less procrastination.

1. Efficient Task Management

One of the most significant advantages of using a timeblocking app is its potential to improve work management. With a time-blocking program, you can divide your day into manageable chunks, allocating specific time slots for each activity or project.

By doing so, you generate a clear roadmap of what has to be done and when. This methodical technique reduces uncertainty and allows you to focus on one task at a time, resulting in enhanced efficiency and production.

2. Prioritization and Concentration

Time management apps offer a defined framework for prioritization. You may ensure that critical activities get the attention they need by allocating time blocks to them based on their importance and urgency. Furthermore, time management tools prevent multitasking by encouraging deep work and uninterrupted focus.

When you devote set time periods to a single task, you can fully immerse yourself and avoid distractions. This intense focus allows for increased creativity, problem-solving, and total output.

3. Efficient Time Management

Time-blocking apps allow you to manage your time more thoughtfully and accurately. You can examine the available time slots and assign them to projects by having a visual depiction of your schedule. This assists you in setting reasonable deadlines, managing expectations, and avoiding over-commitment.

Furthermore, time blocking encourages you to estimate the time required for each task, which improves your time management skills and gives you a realistic perspective on your capabilities.

4. Improved Accountability

Responsibility is an important part of productivity. Timeblocking apps act as virtual accountability partners, keeping you on track and on time. With reminders, alerts, and notifications, these apps work as subtle nudges, stopping you from diverting from your intended tasks.

The visual representation of your time blocks also serves as a visible reminder of your commitments, boosting your accountability and helping you stay dedicated to your goals.

5. Flexibility and Adaptability

While time blocking gives structure and discipline, it also allows for flexibility and adaptability. Timeblocking apps have features that allow you to change your schedule as needed. Unexpected meetings, urgent work, or personal emergencies can all derail your scheduled day. Nevertheless, with a time-blocking program, you can effortlessly alter your time restrictions, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Its adaptability enables you to adjust to changing conditions while keeping an ordered process.

Review of the 12 Best Time Blocking Apps

1. BeforeSunset AI

BeforeSunset AI

BeforeSunset AI is a mindful productivity tool that prioritizes individual users and empowers them to make the perfect schedule for their workday and be the best planner through the following features:

  • Time-blocking: It uses the time-block technique to arrange your to-do list, either with the assistance of an AI assistant or by hand, in sync with your calendar.
  • Time tracking: You may set a timer for each of your tasks and keep track of how much time you spend on each one.
  • Analytics: You can examine your productivity score and acquire insights to become the greatest planner by using the Personal Analytics panel.
  • AI Assistant: With AI Assistant, you can plan your day automatically, make tasks actionable, and create subtasks. Let AI plan your day for you.

2. Clockify

Clockify is a popular time-tracking and productivity tool that helps people and teams track and improve their productivity. It has a variety of features and capabilities that make it an invaluable resource for professionals, freelancers, and organizations.

Clockify allows users to track the amount of time they spend on various jobs and projects. Users can start tracking the time for each activity by creating projects, assigning tasks to them, and tracking the time for each task. This allows people to obtain a comprehensive picture of how they spend their time and discover opportunities for development.

3. Todoist

Todoist is a to-do list and task management program that helps individuals and teams stay organized, prioritize work, and enhance productivity. It offers an all-in-one platform for managing activities, projects, and deadlines across several devices and platforms.

Todoist's main feature is the ability to create and organize tasks. Users may quickly create tasks, assign due dates, make reminders, and organize tasks into projects and sub-projects. Todoist lets you prioritize tasks by labeling them, color-coding them, and assigning them different levels of significance or urgency.

4. Focus booster

The Focus Booster app is a productivity application that uses the Pomodoro Technique to help people improve their focus, time management, and productivity. Francesco Cirillo invented the Pomodoro Method in the late 1980s, which entails splitting work into intervals of intense concentration and short pauses.

The concentration booster app, which has a timer that alternates between work times and breaks, employs this strategy. Normally, a labor phase of 25 minutes, known as a "Pomodoro," is followed by a 5-minute break. After completing a set of four Pomodoros, a 15-30 minute break is taken. Throughout the work session, this cycle is repeated.

5. Planyway

Planyway is a popular productivity app that works well with a variety of project management platforms, including Trello and Google Calendar. It expands these platforms' capabilities by including comprehensive scheduling, time management, and visual planning functions.

Planyway enhances the functionality of project management tools like Trello and Google Calendar by providing advanced scheduling and time management features. Individuals and teams who want to improve time management, streamline project planning, and ensure effective collaboration can use it.

6. TimeBloc

TimeBloc is a premier time-blocking mobile application designed to streamline an individual's time-blocking experience. It allows people to use time blocking technique, edit their routines, and use dark mode for customized usage.

7. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is Google's free web-based calendar service. It is intended to assist people and groups in organizing their schedules, managing appointments, and staying on top of significant events. Google Calendar works in tandem with other Google services, making it extensively utilized and available across a wide range of devices and platforms.

It is a versatile and widely used calendar application that helps individuals and teams stay organized, manage their time effectively, and ensure they never miss important events. Its integration with other Google services, accessibility across devices, and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice for personal and professional scheduling needs.

8. Weekly

"Weekly" is a web-based tool that includes functionality for resource management, time tracking, and absence management. It is intended to assist businesses and teams in properly managing their resources, tracking project time, and managing staff absences.

The Weekly app offers a range of key features to streamline project management and resource allocation. With its resource management tools, users can efficiently allocate team members to projects, track availability, and optimize resource utilization. The time tracking feature allows for monitoring productivity, estimating project durations, and generating accurate reports and invoices.

9. Fantastical

Fantastical is a popular calendar and scheduling tool for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS. It includes a number of features that are intended to assist users organize their events, appointments, and chores more effectively.

The app also integrates with Reminders, offers multiple calendar views and customization options, and ensures users stay on top of their schedule with customizable notifications and alarms. With cross-platform support, Fantastical provides a user-friendly and visually appealing experience for managing calendars and tasks.

10. TickTick

TickTick is a versatile task management tool with a slew of productivity-boosting features. It enables users to create and organize tasks with due dates, priority, tags, and checklists with ease. Reminders and notifications keep users on track, while calendar integration connects tasks to upcoming activities.

Task sharing and assignment are made easier with collaborative capabilities, enabling successful teamwork. Smart lists and filters organize chores automatically, and habit tracking aids in the development of positive routines. Users can access their to-do lists and updates from any device, anywhere, thanks to cross-platform syncing.

11. Any.do

Any.do is a powerful task management platform that offers a range of features to help users stay organized and productive. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily create, organize, and manage tasks, complete with due dates, reminders, priorities, and notes.

The seamless integration with popular calendar services allows for a comprehensive view of tasks alongside scheduled events. Customizable reminders and notifications ensure that users never miss important deadlines. Collaborative features enable task sharing and delegation, fostering efficient teamwork.

Cross-platform syncing ensures seamless access to tasks and updates from any device, and integration with other apps expands functionality and convenience. Any.do's sleek design and robust feature set make it an invaluable tool for personal and collaborative task management.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using a Time Blocking App?

If you want to get more done in less time and manage your time better, try using a timeblocking app. There are, however, some possible downsides to this. Here're the pros and cons of utilizing a time-blocking app:


  1. Enhanced Organization: Time blocking apps help you be more organized by showing you at a glance how much time you may devote to each of your various commitments. This encourages order and helps you focus on what's most important.
  2. Improved Focus: Time-blocking apps help you get things done by isolating specific blocks of time for specific tasks. You may find that your output and effectiveness have greatly improved as a result.
  3. Time Awareness: With a time-blocking app, you gain a better understanding of how you allocate your time throughout the day. It helps you identify time-wasting activities, optimize your schedule, and make conscious decisions about how to best utilize your time.
  4. Accountability: If you use a time-blocking app, you have to get things done at those specific times. The schedule's visual portrayal will help you remember your obligations and keep you disciplined.
  5. Flexibility and Adaptability: It is possible to rearrange tasks in many time blocking programs. In this way, you may keep your schedule organized while having to adjust to shifting priorities and unanticipated events.


  1. Learning Curve: Some time blocking apps may have a learning curve, requiring you to invest time initially to understand and set up the app according to your preferences. This can be a potential drawback for individuals seeking quick and easy solutions.
  2. Feature Fatigue: The complexity of many time-blocking programs comes from the sheer number of options they offer. People become less productive as they struggle to learn and apply all of these functions. One of the main goals of BeforeSunset AI is to reduce feature fatigue by providing a simple dashboard to track all of your to-dos, and it helps you plan your day effortlessly.
  3. Lack of Flexibility: While time blocking can enhance productivity, it may also limit spontaneity and flexibility in your daily routine. Certain tasks or activities may require more or less time than initially allocated, and strict adherence to time blocks can hinder adaptability.

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